The Course

This unique and challenging Golf course is set up with 3 tee boxes, Championship (Blue), White and Red and each hole has 2 flags, yellow and blue with different pin placements.

Puerto Aventuras Golf & Raquet Club Scorecard

For example:

Play the front nine using the White tee boxes and the yellow pin placements and then play the back nine using the Championship tee boxes and the blue pin placements.

Ladies can play the front nine using the Red tee boxes and yellow pins and the back nine using the White tee boxes and blue pin placements.

Most golfers use the same tee boxes for both front and back but different pin colors. Have fun talk it over with your group and play any variations of the above.

Now Let's Play Golf

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  • Hole #9

( Hole 1 - 10 )

Hole #1: “The Cenotes”

Hole 1

The Challenge starts on the first hole. This 337 yd par 4 is a slight dogleg to the left and has a Cenote (pond) right smack in the middle of the fairway which requires a tee shot of 180 yards to carry. Hit your drive a little left and you may find yourself in the other Cenote which is 245 yds from the tee. With a head wind you may want to lay up in front of the first Cenote leaving yourself with a 180 to 200 yd approach to the green and also brings the other Cenote into play. The green is guarded on the left by a bunker, miss it too far right and YOU GUESSED IT! Your in the Jungle.

( Hole 2 - 11 )

Hole #2: “The Little Cenote”

Hole 2

This 134 yd par 3 is not about it’s length, depending on wind conditions players will hit any club from a PW to a 5 iron. The green is guarded on the left by a small Cenote with a capturing tree in the middle of it. A left pin placement brings the tree and the Cenote into play. Player has to hit a high soft shot giving him or herself an excellent opportunity for birdie. A bunker guards the right side of the green but also prevents you from going into the jungle. Go a little long and YOU GUESSED IT! Your in the jungle.

( Hole 3 - 12 )

Hole #3: “The Pool”

Hole 3

This 378 yd par 4 requires a right centre tee shot. Miss it left into the bunker and the Palm trees in front of you will probably block your approach to the green, too far to the right and you’ll have more trees to contend with. From the centre you’ll have a mid iron to the green which slopes back to front, stay below the hole and you’ll have a good chance at birdie, but don’t go long or YOU GUESSED IT!

( Hole 4 - 13 )

Hole #4: “Aloe Vera”

Hole 4

This par 5 at 436 yards is a sharp dogleg to the right and reachable in two if you cut the corner. The edge of the corner is 190 yds from the tee so the more you cut off the shorter your approach shot, but beware there is a point no return the further right you go.

If you decide to hit it straight or with a slight fade you have 225 yds before you reach the jungle through the fairway. Do not miss left, if you do hope you catch the bunker. There’s a small group of palm trees in the middle of the fairway 50 yards short of the green that you may want to lay well short of and leave yourself with a full SW or PW approach shot to a tricky green which slopes back to front and right to left. Stay below the hole, you don’t want to be long or YOU GUESSED IT!

( Hole 5 - 14 )

Hole #5: “The Palm”

Hole 5

Par 4 at 376 yards plays long with a pre-dominate head wind usually requiring 1 to 2 clubs more. Even with a rather wide fairway I think this is the most difficult hole on the course The tee shot has to be hit a little left or a little right of the lone Palm tree in the middle of the fairway. Too far right and you’ll find the bunkers and very little view of the green, if any, go to far left and you’ll have more palm trees that you have to try to go over or around.

From the centre you’ll have a long iron or 5 wood approach shot to a well bunkered green. Don’t miss it too far right or “YOU GUESSED IT!

Par is a good score on this hole.

( Hole 6 - 15 )

Hole #6: “The Road”

Hole 6

A 447 yard par 5, this hole is an excellent opportunity for birdie. A left centre tee shot is perfect leaving you with a long iron or fairway wood to a slightly elevated green well guarded in the front by a bunker but The smart play is a layup left of the bunkers allowing for an easy wedge to this tough undulating green.

Do not miss to the right or YOU GUESSED IT!

( Hole 7 - 16 )

Hole #7: “The Bougainvillea”

Hole 7

This 373 yard par 4 is a sharp dogleg to the right, your tee shot is all about “RISK AND REWARD”. Cut the corner and you’ll be left with a mid to short iron to an elevated and severe two tier green, due to its elevation hit an extra club. Back right pin placement is tough with very little green behind the pin, hit it short you’ll be below the tier and facing a very difficult putt. You’ll do well to two putt. However if your approach is long YOU GUESSED IT!.

( Hole 8 - 17 )

Hole #8: “The Iguana”

Hole 8

This 344 yard par is the easiest par 4 on the course. The landing area from the tee is generously wide, though there are bunkers on the left and right side of the fairway. A good tee shot and you’ll be left with a short approach to a green very well guarded by a bunker in the front that you have to carry, but don’t go too long or YOU GUESSED IT!

( Hole 9 - 18 )

Hole #9: “The Sand Trap”

Hole 9

The best way to describe this short 139 yard par 3 is“ Deceiving”.

So many decisions have to be made on such a short hole. From the tee box your sheltered from the wind { check the flags} and when its blowing club selection can be anything from a PW to a 5 iron and I’ve seen worse. Next is the pin placements, the difference between a left pin and a right is at least one club.

Now the green is guarded by a huge bunker that sprawls the entire front of the green. { there is no “bump and run”} The good news is there’s no Jungle to contend with……..I THINK!

As stated the yardages are from the White tees. Play from the Championship tees and your on a totally different course with different challenges.

And if the wind is blowing hard disregard above descriptions!

Take a break, have a cold one,
recharge and Enjoy the Back nine!

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