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Puerto Aventuras Golf Academy

Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club offers the only golf academy for children
and teens (and adults) throughout the Riviera Maya: Puerto Aventuras Golf Academy.

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These courses are aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years, divided into 4 groups up to 10 children.

The course fee is $800 MXN per month and $250 MXN registration which include a t-shirt and cap of the Academy.

You can become a true golfer

The courses are very versatile lasting 3 months and taught by certified instructor Andres Mejia Rangel (USGTF LIC-138 - MGTF). Each class will study various aspects and spends time with each of the following topics:

  • GAME

1.- Game knowledge

We dedicate this part to both learning the rules of golf, as the label, behavior and discipline needed to be a golfer.

2.- Technique

This is the longest part of each session, students see it and practice the technical aspects, swing and hit the ball in different scenarios.

3.- Body and mind

In this part of the class of about 10 minutes, both physical and mental issues regarding quality of life meet. Food, exercise, good physical and mental habits necessary for the game and for life.

4.- The game

Golf is a wonderful sport and training. Strengthens the temper and character, the main objective is fun and this is a time where recreation is practiced and learned competes healthily.


For more information please call to 52,984,873 51 09 or via our email

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